Conversations With Chris Talking with Tina Guile

In her late twenties Tina was diagnosed with uterus cancer.  Though her  kemo treatment, her kidneys where affected and within 5 years she was on dialysis waiting for a kidney transplant.  Two transplants later and now in her sixties Tina shares her experiences her adventures and how she feels attitude is everything. 


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  • I have been friends with Tina for over 30 years and she has always been a positive and impulsive person. Always looking for the next adventure. She is truly an inspiration and I consider myself blessed to have her in my life. Great job Tina!! I’m so proud of you! ❤️

  • What an inspirational story Tina. You are such a strong person and have truly lived live to the full. Long May it continue. 🥰 xx

  • Tina is truly a Scouser fighter, love you Tina
    Stu & Beryl. oxo

    Stu Morton

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