Conversations with Chris talking with Michelle Ebbin of Jettproof

Michelle Ebbin shares her heartwarming and inspiring story of how being a mum of an autistic child has led her to invent a product and build a business, Jettproof,  which is now helping thousands of children and adults all over the world.


  • What an amazing interview, I’m so proud of the journey that Michelle and Deanery have been on creating this breakthrough sensory garment that has helped Jett and so many others with so many different conditions, I also wear the JettProof singlets and can feel the difference of how settled or grounded my sole feels when wearing them.

    Michelle you certainly have a gift and I’ll look forward to watching you work your magic through the coming years.

    Rachael Carroll
  • I love this interview! What an incredible woman and story x thanks Chris, super inspired

  • Really loved this Michelle. You never cease to amaze me and have such a big heart ❤

    Pam Stevens
  • Fantastic interview.

    Janine Gasbarri
  • Wonderful Information

    Evon Yule

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