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6 Simple Steps to Finding Your Joy

Happiness Hacks

6 Simple Steps to Finding Your Joy

Doing what you love creates a state of joy and grounds you to the present moment.


Joy is a natural state of life we are born with. We see it all the time in children a carefree attitude and love of life and fun. They have not yet built up the layers of conditioning that create limitations and restrictions.   As we grow older we do have responsibilities and tasks to do but how we perform those tasks can still be from a place of joy.  With life experiences, the ego produces, fear, insecurities and self- importance all in the attempts to protect us.  We lose connection to spirit and our intuition.  When we are connected to intuition, self, we are then in a natural state of ease, which creates  lightheartedness, joy and laughter. If you are looking to move to a more lighthearted state here are a few suggestions that will help shift your internal state from ego mind to freedom.

1/ Laughter

Went we burst into laughter nothing else matters around us for that moment we are completely in the present, joyous with no other mental chatter.  This is a natural state for us.  Find things that make you laugh, the more you do the quicker this will be more of your reality and the state of joy will be your norm.


2/ Gratitude

When we focus on what we are grateful for, we are focusing on all the good things in our life, therefore attracting more of what we like into our life.  We have the power to choose and whatever we focus on will grow in our awareness.


3/ Soul Work

Everything in your life that is happening to you is also happening to your soul.  Its souls work, we make things good or bad.  What if things were not good or bad they just were!   We could stop judging and putting a label on.  If the soul is here to do the work then all experiences are here for us to learn and grow.

4/ Purpose

Your life has a purpose.  As you spend time meditating having quiet time expanding your awareness your purpose will become more and more clear.  Then your daily actions will take on your purpose through a plan and the more connected you are to your plan, the more you end up living your life on purpose every day.

5/ Safety

We have to feel safe.  Many people do not as they live with anxiety and fear.  While the fear feels real on some level people know it's in their minds but that doesn't stop the fear.  We can gradually let go of fear by questioning and observing our thoughts.  The more aware we can become the more we can then start to take control of our fears.

6/ Challenges

Challenges and obstacles are signals that something needs to change.  Change direction, look for the next opportunity keep your mind open.  If we are constantly doing something which is not working or is really hard, have the openness to think that we might just be going in the wrong direction.  Go inside be open and feel what you want to do next let it happen naturally, the answer will come all we have to do is look for it and ask.

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