Meet Chris

Chris has been painting most of her life, its  pure passion.  Using a palette knife to create her paintings her work takes on a sculptural look with the thick paint liberally applied over the canvas.  

Painting is her meditation. Chris is the most relaxed and vibrant when she paints. Chris is an intuitive painter bringing abstract ideas to life through contemporary art.

Chris has no plans or preconceived ideas in her abstract painting all the work is done by being in the present moment and going with the flow, seeing what wants to be created today.

Continually exploring the connection between spirituality, art and life is a lifelong interest for Chris.  Kandinsky says "Just as musicians do not depend upon the material world for their music, so artists should not have to depend upon the material world for their art.  Chris continues to explore this idea.

Chris was born in Liverpool England and has lived in Australia now longer than the UK

Chris has a limited number of works on and to see all of Chris's artworks you are in the best place.


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