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Fine Art Prints

Paper Prints are sold unframed and have a white handling border

Mini Prints are framed

Stretched canvases are sold ready to hang

Overseas orders for canvas prints will not be stretched they will be delivered in a tube unstretched

Prints are printed in Australia by our specialist fine art printer.

All prints are custom made and have a two week turn around 

Custom sizes are available, please email your request.

About The Quality

What is a Giclée?

A Giclée (zhee-clay) is a printing process using high-quality digital files, archival-grade pigments and acid-free media resulting in a fade-free image.

How does a Fine Art Giclee differ from a traditional art print?

Giclée art printing achieves its quality from its seemingly “dot-less” imaging technology that varies from traditional fine art printing which typically relies on screen pattern dots to reproduce full-range colour halftones.   The Giclée process enables reproduction on virtually the same media as the original artwork whether it’s canvas, textured watercolour paper, or speciality fine art papers.

I’ve heard that reproductions fade over time, what about Giclée prints?

Archival-grade Giclée fine art reproductions are recognized as “the next best thing” to owning the original artwork. Wilhelm Imaging Research archival ratings have been provided to the public about fade-free display-life for many processes and materials used in Giclée printmaking. Our Giclée prints have an archival rating of greater than 100 years.

Not all canvas is archival fine art canvas!

The 350gsm Epson Premium Fine Art Water Resistant Canvas we use has a very fine bright white coating that allows the true canvas weave to show through. Many other companies use flimsy nylon canvas that costs half as much and has a matt plastic coating with an embossed 'honeycomb' pattern. The use of premium semi-gloss canvas and gloss lacquer brings out the richness of the colours and produces stunning fine art black and white imagery. Matt canvas can't provide this richness as blacks appear as dark grey.

Stretch canvas Framing

We use professional framing services, one of Australia's top fine art framers. They custom build rigid, heavy-duty 38mm section frame from acid-free fully seasoned wood. (We don't use flimsy 25mm section frames or 'frame kits' that can shrink and develop loose joints!)  The stretched canvas is neatly backed with paper, fitted with wall 'bumpers' and corrosion-resistant hanger wire - large frames are cross-braced for strength - top craftsmanship.



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