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Are you in the Game or just a Supporter?

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Are you in the Game or just a Supporter?

Life is about being in the game not watching from the stands.


"Doing what you love will awaken and inspire the hearts of others"

Pablo Picasso

I love this quote and have it in front of me on my desk, so I can see it everyday.

I always think, what would the world be like if we could all spend our days (and earn a living ) doing what we love to do. It would change everything.

Imagine a world where everyone loved going to work, Walt Disney is quoted as saying that he disliked the weekends.

You might think I'm sounding unrealistic and idealistic right now, but im just talking to you, just you. What if you could love your work so much the weekends just became a disruption.

I do feel we were all given talents of some kind and it's our job to firstly find out what they are then spend our time honing our skills.

We admire actors, celebrities, footballers, athletes etc because we are watching people live the life they designed and they knew they were meant to do what they are doing. They are driven. We are attracted to them like a moth to a flame. Take football for example being from the UK I see this first hand, millions of people following the sport. 22 people on the pitch at the height of excellence in their field and tens of thousands in the stands, supporters!

Who wants to be a supporter?

Not me, I want to be down there in the midst of it (not football, by the way, life )

I'm under no illusion that we can change the mind of everyone, but if one person reading this thinks “you know what its time to get in the game” that's a good outcome.

Will it be you!

Only you can answer that.



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