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Art Business Coaching with Chris & Cat

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Not sure what you need to do next, feeling stuck not achieving your goals.  Do you feel a lack of direction, are you tired of trying to figure everything out for yourself?  If you answered yes to these questions we can definitely help you. 

How does our coaching work:

  • We will send you a Pre coaching worksheet
  • Social media links will be reviewed  
  • Book in a private1.5 hours zoom coaching call with Chris & Cat 
  • Follow up
  • Investment $350

The Pre coaching worksheet covers all aspects of your business and will give us a clear picture of where you are at with your business and what will help you move forward.  This will help guide us on where we need to go in the coaching call and we will answer many of your questions.

Reviewing all your social channels and website. If you are having problems attracting followers and gaining fans this review is extremely valuable, we will be able to give you strategies on how you can improve and turn that around.

1.5 hour coaching call, we will work our way through the pre-coaching worksheet addressing the issues that have been raised and addressing the issues that have been really holding you back. 

At the end of this coaching session, you will have a clear picture and action items of what you will be doing next to achieve the results you desire.

Accountability can really help so we will be holding you accountable at an agreed date to send us an update of tasks completed.

If you are ready to take action click the buy now button, and then you will receive an invite to book a time and date.